Українці долучаються до флешмобу з хештегом #faceofdepression. Мета акції – показати, що депресію не можна розпізнати за зовнішнім виглядом людини.

Ініціаторкою флешмобу називають Талінду Беннінгтон, вдову лідера гурту Linkin Park Честера Беннінгтона, який 20 липня скоїв самогубство. Вона опублікувала в мережі відео, зроблене за 36 годин до самогубства чоловіка. Честер Беннінгтон на ньому сміється та розважається.

«Ось як депресія виглядала для нас за 36 годин до його смерті», – написала вона.

Користувачі Facebook, Twitter та Instagram почали ділитися своїми історіями і згадувати в соцмережах своїх друзів та родичів, за якими не було помітно, що вони хворі на депресію та здатні до самоубийства.

#faceofdepression #sherrecovery SEPTEMBER IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, AND ALSO NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION MONTH. I read this article about suicide and I noticed that it's true that most people don't know if someone else is suicidal. I've had friends who attempted suicide and they mostly look really happy and outgoing on the outside. They always seemed to be someone who makes everyone laugh. Someone who doesn't look depressed at all. I was doubted by people, been called fake when I talk about my depression. People don't trust me. They say it's impossible, you don't look depressed. Does depression really have a face? The answer is no. I could wake up feeling really suicidal and still able to bring a smile to my customers or my co workers. . . Is there any trigger to having a suicidal thought? Some people really don't have one. They just couldn't find meaning in life. Some were caused by trauma. There are many more. . . It is important for us to pay more attention and show more love towards people around us. Judge less and be more caring. Always ask how are you. Do you need a hug? I'm glad that the people around my work place always ask me. And never judge me when I cry. Or even tell me that they cry too every single day and it's ok. And even tell me about their depression story. It has been extremely hard for me to make friends especially within a conservative Asian culture. People always think that I'm fake because my emotions are very extreme. I could be really happy over very little things and could be really really sad over very small things too. But I've practiced and learned how to have a strong heart and no doubt that I still cry, I still feel sad and depressed. But I'm able to really think about the people who love me to be the strength for me to keep living in this world. . . Don't give up. Please. If you find that your life is meaningless, if you can't find a reason to live, I wanna tell you that I love you. And I'll always be there for you. Let's spread more love. 😘 . . Don't be afraid to seek help. I went to a Malaysian government hospital UMMC for my depression. Don't be afraid to do the same. This post is inspired by @selfloveclubb

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Також вони публікують свої історії боротьби з депресією та закликають не припиняти спілкуватися з близькими людьми, коли вони перебувають у пригніченому стані.